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Made to Measure

Our Made to Measure tailoring service embraces individuality, offering the highest level of tailoring and customisation. So whatever your style, from mother-of-pearl buttons, to contrasting cross-stitching and monogram embroidery, Herringbone Sydney works to accommodate your specific needs.


The Cuffs

Herringbone cuffs are finished using soft interlining, which guarantees an elegant fit and a beautiful finish. All of our cuffs are designed in perfect proportion with our shirts, so the cuff always rests at the right position on the wrist. An extended cuff placket means that your cuffs can be opened fully and pressed into pristine condition.


The Body

Herringbone sleeves are cut from one piece of fabric, ensuring a precise and even fit. We use wide, flat seams to join the shoulder and sleeve balls. You can feel the difference in the finish.

Our Made to Measure shirts go even further with quality, made with fine-tent stitching that uses eight stitches per centimetre.


The Details

There are more than 50 fabrics in our premium range, all manufactured with the finest Egyptian cottons. We update our range seasonally, so they are always in line with current trends. You can personalise your shirt, too, adding a new collar or cuff, your own buttons, or monogram embroidery. Once you’re measured, it stays with you forever, and each of your shirts has a label that notes your name and personal measurements.