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Double Cuff Shirts

20 items
Vault Textured Stripe Vault Textured Stripe $95.00 $249.00
Vault Twill Gingham Vault Twill Gingham $70.00 $189.00
Light Blue Fine Stripe Light Blue Fine Stripe $85.00 $189.00
Mineral Luxury Stripe Mineral Luxury Stripe $70.00 $199.00
Vault Twill Stripe Vault Twill Stripe $70.00 $199.00
White Sateen White Sateen $95.00 $249.00
Twilight Gingham Twilight Gingham $70.00 $169.00
Steel Fine Stripe Steel Fine Stripe $85.00 $199.00
Antico Luxury Dot Antico Luxury Dot $85.00 $199.00
Bordo Mini Weave Bordo Mini Weave $75.00 $179.00
Violet Perfect Look Violet Perfect Look $85.00 $189.00
Vault Fine Check Vault Fine Check $95.00 $249.00
White with Bordo Stripe White with Bordo Stripe $85.00 $199.00
Vault Complex Check Vault Complex Check $70.00 $169.00
Vault Multi Stripe Vault Multi Stripe $95.00 $249.00
The Herringbone double cuff shirt is perfect for work and special occasions. Also known as a french cuff, this cuff is perfect for styling with your favourite Herringbone cufflinks.