November 19, 2015

5 – 7 AM

At just the right time in the morning, somewhere between the hours of 5-7am, you can almost feel Sydney come to life. There’s something about the way you view the city through weary eyes, the way the colours are in the morning sky, as Sydneysiders everywhere roll out of their houses and into the parks to walk and talk and meander down to the shops for morning coffee.

In the spring time, for an hour or so after the sunrise, Sydney goes through a remarkable transformation. The streets, so quiet and peaceful just an hour before, start to flicker with the sound of feet on the footpath.

This month at Herringbone Sydney we set out to explore the hours between 5-7am, in collaboration with photographer, Tom Ross (@tomjrross). What we found, was a story of solitude and quiet, as people all over Sydney go through their morning rituals.