October 01, 2015

The City

There’s something very special about Sydney, and that something special came to be many, many moons before modern Australia was born. 

We speak of Sydney’s topography, the shape and contour of the land; the way the harbour filters in and out of bays and rivers and streams. The way it rises and falls.

And over the years, this topography has had such a great effect on the city, because in Sydney - whether you’re looking out the window of the morning train that rolls in from the southern suburbs, or walking into the city from Surry Hills - you’ll never really see the city from the same angle twice.

And so, throughout the generations, Sydneysiders have developed in much the same way. The city streets, for one, are whimsical and chaotic in their design, winding their way in and out of one another in a beautiful, organised mess. The people are so drawn to gather and celebrate, to change and grow with the seasons, and to fall hopelessly in love with passing fads. 

This October at Herringbone Sydney, we journey through the city with photographer Benjamin Lee, to celebrate the sweet dichotomy that all Sydneysiders notice from time to time. However long you’ve called Sydney home, it always feels different, refreshing, and new.

 This is Sydney.