September 01, 2015

Weekends Away

When the spring begins in Sydney, we pack up our worldly possessions and head out onto the roads for weekends away. It’s a right of passage in the spring, a welcome back to the world after such a long, cold winter indoors. In September, the great migration begins, as Australians the entire way up the east coast jump in their cars and head north for the weekend.

For Sydneysiders, that migration begins in the harbor. We explore the little coves and secret spots on the Northern Beaches, from Palm Cove to Newport Beach. We head inland to the Hunter Valley, drink lots of wine over long lunches, or find quiet, quaint towns in the Blue Mountains.

In September, we open up and let the world outside in again. And in Sydney, that means packing up the car, gathering up your friends, and enjoying a weekend away.