August 01, 2015

The Transition

Something special happened on the day Captain James Cook and his crew sailed past the point at La Perouse and into the calm waters of Botany Bay. At last, after months along stretches of wild coast, they had found somewhere cool and calm and quiet. Somewhere safe to set up camp, regroup, and gather, before setting off again into the great wide open.

What Cook and his crew didn’t know, was that their feeling of solitude and comfort would permeate through the city forever. That this collision between the barren ocean and the quiet corners of Sydney Harbour would become the cultural building blocks of a nation.

They didn’t know that Sydneysiders would forever lay down to rest in the evening with this sense of calm deep inside their minds. Or that Sydney would become, more than anything else, a city obsessed by the beach. An ever-expanding community of people who live on the sand, on the waves, and in the sea.

Every year, when the long winter gives way to spring, Sydney goes through an incredible transformation. We call this the transition: that time in spring when Sydneysiders filter out from their homes and onto the beaches, in time for the summer ahead.

This is Sydney.